From Olympia, Washington!

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Hands on! Testing food for reducing sugars

I have to be honest, you have been very patient. You asked me to take you to the science lab a long time ago  (a couple of years in fact…) and I told you that you had to be patient and show me that you were ready to do that. Now you are, really. At least most of you.

The objetives for today’s activity were:

-To determine the presence of reducing sugars in different types of food.

- To use lab apparatus such us lab burners, pipettes, test tubes, tripods, wire gauzes, beakers, lab tweezers, Petri dishes and test tubes racks. Also Benedict’s solution, among others.

- To practise common laboratories techniques such as using different solutions and use a water bath to heat them.

- To be aware of the importance of the safety measures in the lab.

I think you got all of them!  Thank you for your work and … your smile!

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Northfield_Mount_HermonNorthfield Mount Hermon


letter Miguel_1



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A new life (by Marina López Alonso, written from Canada!).


Manitoba Legislative Building 2                                                     Manitoba legislative building 

Assiniboine Park                                                              Assiniboine park 

Nota libre_20141009_181649_01(3)Winnipeg's zoo                                                                     Winnipeg’s zoo


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The Dutch-Spanish exchange magazine

29-9-2014 22.9.19 1

Everybody is invited to take a look at it, especially Spanish and Dutch students and teachers!

In case you didn’t read the previous post, the magazine has  photos ,as well as audio and video (you’ll see the icons, don’t skip them!). Once you open the link below, the fullscreen bottom is at the top right corner.



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Volume I: The Dutch exchange


We are so happy to announce the launch of the first bilingual digital magazine. This is the first in a series of what we would like to be a place to share some of our experiences and projects in a different way. The magazine is full of pictures, audios and videos. You’ll see the icons to listen to the audio files and videos. Don’t skip them!

Thanks a million to our fourth level students, the real role models for our younger students!

We hope you like it!

Teachers from fourth level at Ferrari High School.

Coming Soon!


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Welcome to the 2014-2015 school year!

Welcome back to school and a brand new year filled with enthusiasm and opportunity!

Today, I was looking for something inspirational for a great start and found this awesome video for all of us, students and teachers.

My favourite quote is :

‘Teachers see things… but they also see the person we  can all become someday’ .

Which is yours?

(If you need the subtitles, click on the second icon at the bottom right corner)

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Dutch exchange

Dear students, estancias_extranjero

We finally received the information from the Dutch students and we  have already made the pairings. We are sending each of you the info from your partner by email, so check it!

The Dutch students will be here from 17th to 24th September 2014.

Please tell your family that we are going to have a meeting on the 11th of September at 17:30 to show you the programme of the exchange and answer your last questions. Both, parents and students should come.

Please, contact other Spanish students to tell them the news.

Keep on enjoying the  summer!


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Dutch exchange 2014-2015

Dear students,

Download the following file, complete it and send it to us as soon as possible (anyway before the 24th June).


We’ll contact you by email or by phone this summer if necessary.

Info Pairings2014-15

Jesús García (Coordinator)

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Just trying another tool to display your work. Click on the thumbnail to open the flipflap book in a new window.


That’s all for this year guys! Have a very nice summer!

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