Japan earthquake

Listen to the following audio about Japan earthquake:

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Now, look at the following diagram:

What does it represent?
Can you explain why earthquakes are so likely to happen in Japan?

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2 Responses to Japan earthquake

  1. Pilar Vázquez says:

    The picture represents the tectonics plates located in Japan.
    Earthquakes are so likely to happen in Japan because this country is located where several tectonics plates meet. Also the areas that are on the boundaries of tectonic plates are more risky for humans because when they move, they produce more damages in the bounds.

  2. Mónica García Morgado 2ºE E.S.O says:

    This has been a fundamental information to understand the causes of why the catastrophic earthquake in Japan.
    The drawing represents the tectonic plates that are located in Japan, and the arrows represent the way in which it happened.
    Earthquakes are so common in Japan because the Japanese archipelago is located in an area where many tectonic plates meet many.

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