Do you like pizza?

You will listen to Nicole’s podcast about a pizza recipe, pay attention to the new vocabulary and refer to the list below for help:

Pizza dough – pizza base

Whole-wheat flour – brown flour

All-purpose flour – normal white flour

Teaspoon – size of the coffee spoon

Yeast – product that makes the dough rise

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Would you like to share your favorite recipe with us?

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4 Responses to Do you like pizza?

  1. Marta 3ºC says:

    I like that recipe and I´m going to send you another that my mother usually do and I love it

  2. Mónica 3ºB says:

    Oh, I like so much Pizza, one day I will try make the recipe!
    This afternoon I will send you my own recipe.

  3. Borja 3ºB says:

    Oh I will do this recipe one day with my family,I will send my recipe tomorrow.

  4. I sent to you my recipe

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