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Our great poets from 1º ESO are compiting for the first prize. HELP ONE TO BE THE WINNER of this competition. Listen to the four poems and vote for the one that you like most. For voting, type in your … Continue reading

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Peace day

To celebrate this day we are going to learn about the life of an important figure of pacifism and an example for generations to come. *Listen to the speaker talking about  Gandhi’s life and answer the following questions: 1.-How did … Continue reading

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Peace day

Listen to the following song by John Lennon and answer the following question: 1.- Match the words to the definitions: Religion Things that are yours, which belong to you Heaven The place where some religions believe that good people go … Continue reading

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Review your knowledge about the different environments with this great jeopardy game that has been done by our students from 1º A. ENJOY IT!!! BIOMES_jeopardy_1ºA

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Listen to David talking about magnificent castles from the Middle Ages and answer the questions he asks you. You can only answer one question. Who will be the winners?

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