Benefits of exercising

Watch the following video and think about more benefits of exercising apart from the ones mentioned in the video. Do you exercise on a regular basis? Do you do it alone or do you play in a team? How do you feel while doing it and after finishing?

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9 Responses to Benefits of exercising

  1. noeliacebes3ºC says:

    I’m of a triathlon team, so I do exercise regularly and with more people.
    Sometimes I fell tired but the most exercise you do, the less tired you feel (the next time you do it).

  2. Inés Peña says:

    I can’t see the video.

  3. Mónica García Morgado 3ºB says:

    After seeing the video I will send you my opinion 🙂

  4. alberto lopez garcia says:

    I do exercise when I have time some weekend. I do it with some friends.Is true that yuo feel a little bit tired but after a shower and eating something you feel better and you see everithing from a positive perspective

  5. Isabel R says:

    I can’t see the video too

  6. javier garcia says:

    I do sport tuesdays and thursdays,one hour each day.I do kick-boxing.Sometimes I don´t wont to go to make sport,but later I feel very good,is a good experience and I recommend everybody to do some sports!

  7. Mario Martin Robledo 3ºB says:

    I am of a lifeguard and rescue team (swimming), so I do exercise regularly (all the days except fridays) and with more people. I feel good after practicing sport because you will have more vitality. I recommend everybody to do Some sports

  8. Silvia Zarzuela Martín says:

    I practice triathlon three days a week and tennis two days a week.
    Specially when doing triathlon, at the begining, I don’t feel like doing exercise however when I finally finish it feels great when I have a shower and eat something.
    I think it’s quite healthy to practise sports and I recommend everyone to practise any kind of sport along the week.

  9. Rebeca Garcia 3ºB says:

    I practice sometimes swimming with my friends and when we finish we feel relaxed.I thing that doing some types of sports are very amazing.

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