Harlequin ladybird

Watch the following video from The BBC and answer the following questions:
a) What does the name Harlequin refer to?
b) How long ago were the Harlequin ladybirds discovered in Britain?
c) It is said that Harlequin ladybirds were not ‘invited’ to England, so how did they arrive there?
d) Why does the man in the video say ‘ they are a wonder drug but with very nasty effects’ ?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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4 Responses to Harlequin ladybird

  1. Marina 2ºB says:

    c) Harlequin ladybirds were brought to Europe by the europeans farmers from Asia, to protect their crops. In 2004 these ladybirds were banned, but it was too late because Harlequin ladybirds had just crossed the channel to England.

    d) The man in the video says ‘ they are a wonder drug but with very nasty effects’ because Harlequin ladybirds eat acids but they also eat everything else.

  2. elvira says:

    a) I am not very sure but I think the name refers to the spot they have.

    c) They arrive there because they crossed thbe chanel to England.

  3. Miguel 2ºA says:

    a)It´s a lady bird that comes in many colours
    b)They were discovered 5 years ago
    c)They were imported from Asia to protect the farmer’s crops
    d)Because (positively) they eat damaging bugs, but (negatively) they also eat everithing else.

    Loved the video, I ignored the existance of a quind of ladybird caled Harlequin that ate other ladybirds, I was amazed when they mentioned that in the video.

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