Spelling bee


1. An oral competition, with elimination on misspelling one word.

2. After the pronouncer gives the contestant a word the contestant may also pronounce the word before spelling it or after spelling it.

3. The contestant may request the pronouncer to re-pronounce the word, define it, or use it in a sentence.

4. Having started to spell a word, a contestant may stop and start over, retracing the spelling from the beginning.

5. When the contestant misspells a word, the contestant immediately drops out of the contest. The next word on the pronouncer’s list is given to the next contestant.

6. When the contestants are reduced to two, the elimination changes. When one contestant misspells a word, the other contestant shall be given an opportunity to spell that same word. If the second contestant spells the word correctly, plus the next word on the pronouncer’s list, then she/he shall be the winner.

7. If both spellers misspell the same word, both shall continue in the contest, and the one who first misspells the word shall be given a new word to spell.

8. The judges are in complete control of the Bee. Their decision is final on all questions.

A little taste of what our very own Ferrari Spelling Bee competition will be like. Let´s get excited and start spelling!

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