Do you want to become a doctor for a while?

Let’s check your knowledge about common diseases! Listen to the recording and answer the questions Nicole asks you. You will listen to three different dialogues.

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14 Responses to Do you want to become a doctor for a while?

  1. Irene Herrero says:

    In the dialogue 2, I think the patient have a flu and if I am the doctor I will say that I prescribe to eat an aspirin and I recommend if you have fever you have to stay at house.

  2. diego says:

    I think that the patient has a cold . I will recommend a antitussives , a mucolytic and some days in the bed until the fever goes down .

  3. Paula 1ºB says:

    Hello, I have been listening the dialog number one, and I´m a little bit confuse, because I didn´t understand some of the information, so I´m not very sure if I am right: I think the illness is the Malaria or the Salmonellosis, but in the second case, the patient don´t suffer all the symptoms. In case that it is Malaria, I would recommend an antiparasitic. In case that it is Salmonellosis, I would prescribe an appropiate antibiotic. I´m not sure of my answer: I hope that it is correct.

  4. Ana García says:

    I that the patient is suffering a cold ,if I were a doctor i will recomendated to still in house until this cold finish

  5. Ana García says:

    I think the patient has a cold, if I were the doctor recommend to stay at home resting until this cold finished

  6. Cristina 1ºB says:

    The patient suffer from a flu. There are two ways to prevent the flu: to be vaccinated against it or to prevent the contagion.

  7. 458b says:

    Dialog 3: I think the suffered disease is the chickenpox or the measles. If would be the Doctor I will said the girl to put the vaccine of the corresponding disease, and i will recomend the girl to put cold tihngs on her head for lowing the fieber.

  8. Marco 1ºB says:

    Sorry I have confused and I have comment the dialog 3 except the dialog 1 dont have it on account 😦

  9. Marco 1ºB says:

    Dialog 1: My finally decision is that the pacient has plates. I will reccomend an apropiate antibiotic and an analgesic. I will hope that this is the correct answer xD

  10. Nicole says:

    Hello, I think you did a good job as doctors. Be careful with the grammar and spelling.

  11. Inés Cardeñoso says:

    In the dialog 2, the patient has a cold, if I were the doctor, I will recommend to rest a few days at home, until the fever goes down.

  12. Andrea Macías says:

    In dialoge 2, the patient suffer from the chickenpox. If I were the doctor I will recommend to stay at home until the fever goes down.

  13. XAMORRO 1B says:

    In the dialog 2 the patient has a cold . As the patient has a high temperature (fiver) I recommend to the patient to take an aspirin and to the stuffy nose and the cough i recommend a type of medicine that removes mucus from the nose and cough.XD

  14. XAMORRO 1B says:

    Sorry I CONFUSE and I put fiver insted of fever. 😦

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