Body idioms

You told me you liked the rock idioms podcast we uploaded to the blog last year and that you would like to learn more idioms. Now you have a new chance! Nicole and Celeste recorded a new dialogue for you!

Tell me how many body idioms you could pick up in their conversation and which one you like most and why or which one you think you could use from now on.

By the way, you know if you don’t understand the meaning of any of them, you can ask our language assistants in class.

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5 Responses to Body idioms

  1. noeliacebes3ºC says:

    I’d pick up 8, but the one that I most like was the one that says:”Keep my hand above water”, because I’d not heard it before. I think that from now one I could try to use them.

  2. elisaperez 3ºC says:

    I thing I’d catched more or less 8 too o like the one noelia have wrote too, but I like more the one that says:”Told me to break a leg”…or something like that…I would use them, if I remember..
    see you

  3. Marta Fernández 3ºC says:

    I got only 7 but some of them I coulgn´t realize about their meanning for example that one of “keep my chein up”( I don´t know how to write it)

  4. Mónica García 3ºB E.S.O says:

    I had pick up more or less 6. I do not understand the meaning of “keep my head above water” or something like that. I like the one of “told me to broke a leg”. Now I’m richer in my English’s vocabulary and I will use some of this rock idioms in my next conversation.

  5. Rebeca Garcia 3ºB says:

    I had picked 7.I dont understand the idiom “keep my head above water”.But hearing this I am going to improve a lot in my English.I will use it in my conversations.

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