Discover Who I am, Where I was, When it was and What for!!!

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  1. Bea G. says:

    He is Harry Patch and he is at Flandes in the beach. Harry Patch is there to commemorate the centenary of the 1st world war in Flandes, where he fought. The date is during the first days of Novembre. The British wear poppies to commemorate the veterans of the war that is why there are poppies in the floor.

  2. Tania G says:

    The ederly man is Harry Patch, Britain´s last surviving soldier of the First World War.
    He was 111 years old! Amazing! He was knew as “The Last fighting Tommy”

    Before dying, he returned to the Western Front for the last time, to unveil a memorial to his regiment on the exact spot where he crossed a stream on his way into battle. He spent a weekend visiting numerous other sites across Flanders, including the cemetery of Tynecot and the daily 8pm service at the Menin Gate in Ypres. Harry was also keen to visit the German cemetery of Langemarck, where he also laid a wreath to honour those he had fought against ninety years ago.

    This photo was taken in that last journey to Belgium ,in September 2008, Harry opened a memorial that he had himself paid for, to his battalion at the very spot where he had gone over the top
    on 16 August 1917. It was the first time that he had ever returned to that particular
    place. That evening, Harry laid a wreath at the Menin Gate at Ypres and, in a final
    act of reconciliation, remembered all those who served ‘on both sides of the line’.

    (: I have been all the day looking for the information!

  3. Adrián F. says:

    He is Henry John “Harry” Patch nicknamed as “The Last Fighting Tommy” was the last survivor of the WWI, he died when he was 111 in the 25th July 2009.
    He is in Weston-super-Mare because that village played an active role in the First World War, as many of the trees in Weston Woods were cut down for military use. In WWII Weston received many evacuees from the war from large cities. The first bombs of that war fell there.
    It was the 11th November 2007 .That date was a launch of the Royal British Legion poppy appeal, which is a campaign to commemorate soldiers who died in war. It is celebrated all 11th of November because it was that day of 1918 when WWI officially ended at 11.00am. Poppies are the symbol of that day.

  4. JoseMMM says:

    He was Harry patch, one of the las survivors that fought in both wars, the 1ºWW and the 2ºWW
    He was born the 17 of June 1898 and he die the 25 of July 2009 at the age of 111 years.
    Also he was known as “The Last Fighting Tommy” and he wasr the elder men over Europe

    In thies photo he is in the Memorial Event in 2007 being showered by poppy petals.
    This event was made for remaining the fallen soldiers in the 1ºWW

    Sorry for the last comment ( it´s wrong)

  5. Elisa S. says:

    He was Henry John “Harry” Patch, a British soldier (the last survivor soldier of the World War I). He was born in The United Kingdom the 17th June 1898 and he died the 25th July 2009 in the United Kingdom too.

  6. beatriz sevilla says:

    He´s Henry Allingham born 1898. Last surviving veteran of the Western Front WWI.This shot is of a photo is at the entrance to the WWI exhibit in the Imperial War Museum, London. Ceremony at the Cenotaph in Nov 2008.
    Beatriz Sevilla López

  7. Good work!!!
    excellent research work, even if the final answer is not right!!!

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