This is your professional work about the Renaissance.

All students from ESO are invited to check it and send the corrections via POST.


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4 Responses to RENAISSANCE

  1. noeliacebes3ºC says:

    I found this mistake ‘dured’ (In the first slide). the correct word should be ‘lasted’.

  2. victorvil says:

    In the powerpoint of “David” of Michelangelo appear an error: antomy, and the correct word is anatomy. Also in the powerpoint of “The school of Athens” appear the words: two mian peolpe. And the right way to write it is “two main people”.

  3. Marta 3ºC says:

    On the 13th slide I found some mistakes:
    “was born in Arenzzo” must be “He was born in Arezzo” also in the next sentence.

  4. Rosana 3 C says:

    In the one about San Pablo façade says “San palbo”.

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