Welcome back to school! 2012-2013

For anybody learning a new language, listening and talking to native speakers is an absolute must. Luckily for our students (and also for us teachers), our language assistants make it easy!


Listen to our new language assistants and answer the following questions:

1- What are three differences between Australia and the United States mentioned in the podcast?

2- How long have both Matt and Corina been in Spain?

3- What are the “three R’s” according to Corina?

Download this episode (right click and save)


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3 Responses to Welcome back to school! 2012-2013

  1. noeliacebes3ºC says:

    The three differences are :the accent, the currency and the food.
    Matt has been in Spain for a week and Corina two.
    I didn’t understood the last question.

    • noeliacebes3ºC says:

      *Corina for two

    • Very good listening comprehension! Specifically Corina was referring to a difference in food portions/ sizes though which tend to be larger in the United States. Corina mentioned “the three R’s” when asked about what types of music she enjoys. They are: rap, R&B (rhythm and blues), and reggae.

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