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Music to relax after the exams!

This song makes me feel good! What makes you feel good?

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For my 4th level students, just to get you in the mood to study photosynthesis in depth, but later on, in class. Now I hope you enjoy and sing along!  

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Unit 3: Living things summary

Listen to Unit 3 summary and answer the questions Bobby asks you: Download this episode (right click and save) And the price goes to… Andrea Concellón, Ana Sevillano and Pablo Crespo! Congratulations!

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Veterans day

Last Sunday Americans celebrated Veterans day. Listen to this interesting podcast and answer the questions: 1. What was Veterans Day originally called? 2. Why was the date of November 11th chosen for the holiday? 3. Where is the most important … Continue reading

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Eye-catching book trailer

Title : A Pocketful of Eyes Author: Lilli Wilkinson QUESTIONS: a) Do you like crime and mystery? b) Are you ready to find out who was the murderer at the museum?. Watch an interview with the author QUESTIONS: c) Why … Continue reading

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