Eye-catching book trailer

Title : A Pocketful of Eyes

Author: Lilli Wilkinson


a) Do you like crime and mystery?

b) Are you ready to find out who was the murderer at the museum?.

Watch an interview with the author


c) Why has she given this title to the story?

d) What were her sources to write this story? How did she prepare the book?

e) What was the most difficult thing for her when she started writing?

f) What is her advice for young writers?

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4 Responses to Eye-catching book trailer

  1. Alba 2ºB. says:

    a) Yes, because in these types of books, we don´t know what is going to happen.
    b) Yes, I think is going to be an interesting adventure.
    c) I´m not very sure, but I think she gave this title to the book, because she had being researching and because she wanted to public a book with a tittle that anyone had wrote.
    d) Her sources were the web and also many books that she had bought in the library.
    e)The most difficult thing was that she had to join the parts of the book and also to write the exact clues to resolve the problem.
    d) The advice that Lilly Wilkinson give for us is that we have to read lots of books and we have also to participate in the high school writing poems, books, etc.
    Bye, thank you.

  2. Paula Garcia says:

    a) Yes, but in fact, I prefer other kind of books, such as fantasy stories with paranormal eventes.
    b) I have enjoy the trailer, so I suppose that if I have the oportunity to read the book, I will also enjoy it.
    c) Because when she saw the dead body of the man in the museum, on it was a pocket with glass eyes.
    d) She researched information from the web, wikipedia, books…
    e) The parts of mistery, giving clues during the story and make all the events make sense, because she did not write nothing of of mistery before

  3. Paula Garcia says:

    Sorry, I forgot f) Her advice is to read as much as we can, publish poems or short stories if we have the oportunity…

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