How Christmas Trees Are Made

After talking with Bobby about pros and cons of artificial Christmas trees, I’d like you to watch the following video and answer the questions below:

1.- When and where did the tradition of Christmas Tree start ?

2.- How many trees do they produce in this Chinese factory?

3.- What is the material they use to produce Christmas Trees?


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3 Responses to How Christmas Trees Are Made

  1. elena 1B says:

    1.- In the 1846 with the queen Victoria in Britain.
    2.- Shem tam shu is the number in Chinese.

  2. jorge feliz says:

    1. They were introduce in Great Britain in 1820, by the queen Victoria.
    2. They produce 1 million per year.
    3. They are made of UPBC(a more elastic and flexible plastic than the normal one).

  3. marinita1b says:

    the answers to the questions are:
    1: It started in Germany around the 18th Century. It was queen Victoria who made them fashionable in Britain by taking a photo of her with her family, in 1856, with a tree in the background.
    2: They make about 1 million Christmas trees
    3: They use polyvinyl chloride or PVC.

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