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Deforestation in Cambodia

The questions for the video are: 1.  What is the main economic industry in Pailin, Cambodia nowadays? 2.  How much of the Cambodian population lives in the country side? 3.  Name two farming practices that contribute to soil degradation in … Continue reading

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To smoke or not to smoke. That’s the question!

In today’s world, sometimes teenagers like you have to deal with peer pressure and some of them start smoking or drinking alcohol without thinking too much about it. I’d like you to take some time to think about it! Watch … Continue reading

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Winter break

Take a look at the following map while you listen to Matt talking about his exciting winter break and answer the questions below: 1. Which three cities and countries did Matt go to over winter break? 2. Which city was … Continue reading

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Comment on Playscripts 1º ESO

We received a very nice comment  from Javier Magdaleno, Secondary English teacher and teacher trainer working for the CFIE (teacher training center): Wonderful blog! I’m impressed! Keep on working like this for the sake of your students. Congratulations! Thanks to … Continue reading

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