Deforestation in Cambodia

The questions for the video are:
1.  What is the main economic industry in Pailin, Cambodia nowadays?
2.  How much of the Cambodian population lives in the country side?
3.  Name two farming practices that contribute to soil degradation in Pailin.

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3 Responses to Deforestation in Cambodia

  1. Inés Peña 4ºB says:

    1.- Agriculture for growing corn, beans and cassava.
    2.- 80% of the population.
    3.- Deforestation and farming practises.

  2. Rosana Martín 4ºB says:

    1 Agriculture
    2 More than the 80%
    3 Using too much herbicides and placing farms in up and down lines istead of across slopes

  3. Victor 4ºB says:

    1.The main economic industry is the agriculture
    2. 80% of the population live in the countryside
    3. Two farming practices are deforestation, and the use of herbicides

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