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Put all your energy into heat!

Check the following information to succeed in your project! The first one is an audio file from BBC Bitesize science. The second one is a ppt I made with key questions you should answer along your project. The third one … Continue reading

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You all seem thrilled to start studying genetics. It’s amazing indeed! Remember that if you want to understand it all well, first you have to understand how meiosis works. Here is your final task: Make a poster to represent meiosis … Continue reading

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THE BREAKFAST We are having our breakfast but… Where is father? 4º ESO students, HAVE A TRY researching about this picture and guessing who they are.

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Getting to know Australia (Part 1)

Listen to Corina talking about Melbourne. Now, watch the video and after that answer the questions: 1- Why does Andrew like to live in Melbourne? 2- Andrew talks about being in the “heart of it”? What does he mean by … Continue reading

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1º ESO-The plant and fungi kingdom

Listen to Bobby’s summary and find out three mistakes in his speech. Who will be the  first in getting all of them ? Download this episode (right click and save)

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