Next time you go to the cinema, make your choice and enjoy!

It might be a trite topic, but for me ‘information is power’, isn’t it?

1- Who is James Quincey?
2- How much sugar is there in a normal can of coke?
3.- What did Paxman (the presenter) say it was staggering?
4.- Did you know this information before watching the video?
5.- Talking about an excess of sugar in the diet, Quincey states he is not saying that the world can not change  or the world does not need to move on, so what is his position on this issue? And what is yours?

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4 Responses to Next time you go to the cinema, make your choice and enjoy!

  1. Great video selection. Great for learning vocabulary and improving pronunciación skills.

    • pronounciation….I mean. Computer self-correction is very, very, tricky.

      • I completely agree with you Javier, computer correction is very tricky, sometimes impossible and this is something that worries some of our students. Of course we have to do our best but if for any reason somebody makes a mistake (everybody makes mistakes, don’t we?), I recommend to go ahead and do what the song says:

        I’m letting go of the thoughts
        That do not make me strong…

  2. Marina López - 4ºB says:

    1- James Quincey is the president of Coca Cola in Europe.
    2- There are 35 grams of sugar in a normal can of coke.
    3- Paxman finds staggering the fact that there are 23 sachets of sugar in just a single small jug of coke and 44 in the big one.
    4- The truth is that I had already heard of the large amounts of sugar that are in a can of coke, but I didn’t really believe it.
    5- Quincey defends the idea of drinking the can of coke that contains the calories that you will later burn. He states that’s why they make different sizes of it. For me it’s alright if people drink coke or any other fizzy drinks, but they should first be informed and think on how many calories they are taking in in order to burn them by doing exercise. Although it is always better a glass of water when you are thirsty than any kind of other drink.

    I learned new things with this video and found it interesting, thanks for sharing it!

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