The scientific method (Part II)

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3 Responses to The scientific method (Part II)

  1. marinita2B says:

    Really nice presentation!
    I loved the fact that you weren´t reading out the information and that you were always looking to the “audience”.
    The contents and the words used are really nice and you both speak a very fluent English.
    I loved your project, thanks.
    You should have spoken a bit louder becasue sometimes I coudn´t hear your voice, but the rest of the things are really nice.
    I enjoyed your video a lot!!

  2. MaggieLanguageAssistant says:

    Great work, guys! I like how you incoorporated the scientific method into the beginning of your presentation! And I agree with the person above, you did a nice job of speaking to the audience and not reading directly off the slides or your paper the entire time.

    I’m impressed!

  3. jorgefeliz2 says:

    They speak so good than me for example. I remember when I was in 1 of eso and I didn’t know how to do present continous.

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