Reproduction in animals

Coming back from the relaxed holidays, I entered the class and told my students we were going to take a thought shower about reproduction an animals. We addressed a lot of interesting issues, but I could also see that they had a lot of questions. Then, the big ask came, they had to make a new project. I told them I was  interested neither in a copy & paste product, nor in a  no-brainer presentation. I wanted them to think outside the box. To be honest, they are very creative, and quite a lot of them show me blue-sky thinking most of the time. At the beginning they felt a little bit shy (reproduction might be a tricky topic!) and I had to tell them: come on guys, ‘heads up‘! Two weeks after I felt really thrilled when they inboxed the movies to me, and I could see that they really pushed the envelope by using movie maker and other programmes to display such  creative and interesting presentations.

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5 Responses to Reproduction in animals

  1. Great idea. Congratulations to your students for their creativity. Awesome!

  2. Thank you Javier. I also think they have worked really well. Just a couple of things they could improve:
    – Think carefully about the contents you want to explain and remember: Double checking always pays! (Peacocks don’t have a copulating organ, they mate simply by pressing their cloacas together).
    – The sound in the second video is not very good, what is a shame!

  3. marinita2B says:

    I really liked the videos. The first one, about peacocks is really well elaborated and the program they used is really original and nice. The second one is ours, I don’t know why the sound is so bad. The third video, in my opinion, is really interesting, and it made me learn a lot of things. Thanks for this project. I really enjoyed doing it.

  4. María says:

    Congratulations for all the presentations. You have done an excellent work! The video of peacocks is really interesting and goes further.
    A very good way from the teacher to motivate learning with her students.

  5. guillermo2A says:

    The videos are great! Making this project has been a very interesting one. I hope we could make more projects like these during the rest of the year!

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