Thank you speech

Here are my younger students trying to follow the path to the glory of acting. Most of them performed brightly, cutely , sweetly and nicely. Just a few tried to act calmly and carefully but a lot spoke quickly.

Suddenly , I’ve realised that I’ve used lots of adverbs of manner!! Oh My God! I forgot their favourite, Happily!!

Even if the award was only a sweet they just read their thank-you- speeches as if they were in the Oscar’s ceremony. Have a look at our personal Angelina Jolie!

Teresa Fuente

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6 Responses to Thank you speech

  1. marinita2B says:

    Oh My God! They are so cute! I really liked these thank you speeches, although some of them, as Teresa said, spoke very quickly. 1ESO students from this year have a very good pronunciation, as always some of them more than others, but in general, really good.
    Congratulations to all of you and also to Teresa, which has probably spent a lot of time with it!

  2. Javier Magdaleno says:

    Great use of English. They were really moved by the message they were expressing! Promoting oral communication in class is a goal you’ve already achieved. Congratulations for your work!

    • Thank you for your very nice feedback. Is it something if we name you two (Marina and Javier) as our two great followers? You make us feel happy and work harder and harder:)

  3. jorgefeliz2 says:

    They speak so good than me for example. I remember when I was in 1 of eso and I didn’t know how to do present continous.

  4. Maria says:

    I am horrible in this videoooo

  5. Esther Carrera says:

    Mariaa you are so cute! Maybe in the future you’ll be able to work and perform with Angelina Jolie, don’t give up because who knows…
    All this people did great in their thank-you-speeches, I’m very impressed because I don’t know if last year I would be able to do that, I think I would have to prepare it a lot and I’m sure that’s what you all did, so I want to congratulate you because of your excellent work, and also to Teresa as she probably had helped you with grammar mistakes and pronunciation. Great job!

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