The Dutch-Spanish exchange magazine

29-9-2014 22.9.19 1

Everybody is invited to take a look at it, especially Spanish and Dutch students and teachers!

In case you didn’t read the previous post, the magazine has  photos ,as well as audio and video (you’ll see the icons, don’t skip them!). Once you open the link below, the fullscreen bottom is at the top right corner.



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6 Responses to The Dutch-Spanish exchange magazine

  1. Ana García says:

    I really enjoyed this exchange.
    If any of you have the chance ,I recommend you to do this exchange so you can improve your pronunciation in English .
    All the dutch people were very kind and friendly , I am exciting to go to Holland.

  2. Andrea Ramos 4ºA says:

    Really nice magazine, everybody made a great job! I recommend you to participate in any exchange if you have the oppotunity, its an unforgettable experience!

  3. Alba Martínez 4ºA says:

    Everybody made possible this magazine, it’s really nice.
    We spent all together really good moments. I can’t wait to go to Holland!
    If you have the chance of doing any of the exchanges, do it. It’s an incredible experience, trust me!

  4. marinosca says:

    Hi people from the Emilio Ferrari!
    Wow I’m impressed with all the team great work you’ve done to make such nice display on your exchange! I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as I did a couple of years ago. Don’t loose touch with them. It’s great to see everything you are doing so far at the high school.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Marina López

  5. marinita3A says:

    Lovely magazine! I think that filming all the videos and taking pictures about the week was a wonderful idea because that way, all the students could share their amazing time with the Dutch boys and girls. I hope they had a lovely time. Thank you!
    Marina García

  6. Teresa Fuente says:

    Wow, incredible job and fabulous experience for both teachers and students! I love this magazine and everybody participating!Congratulations!

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