Hands on! Testing food for reducing sugars

I have to be honest, you have been very patient. You asked me to take you to the science lab a long time ago  (a couple of years in fact…) and I told you that you had to be patient and show me that you were ready to do that. Now you are, really. At least most of you.

The objetives for today’s activity were:

-To determine the presence of reducing sugars in different types of food.

– To use lab apparatus such us lab burners, pipettes, test tubes, tripods, wire gauzes, beakers, lab tweezers, Petri dishes and test tubes racks. Also Benedict’s solution, among others.

– To practise common laboratories techniques such as using different solutions and use a water bath to heat them.

– To be aware of the importance of the safety measures in the lab.

I think you got all of them!  Thank you for your work and … your smile!

20141114_105539 20141114_105559 20141114_105618 20141114_105519 20141114_105454

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1 Response to Hands on! Testing food for reducing sugars

  1. Maria says:

    You are very pretty and funny . I would like to go to the laboratory to do lots of experiments .

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