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The vital functions in animals

In this project, second level students were asked to investigate the vital functions of animals and present their findings in a written report, an audio and a video. One of the groups worked with tablets and apps such as videopad, … Continue reading

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Getting to know the Spanish food (TC4PI)

You know that our school is taking part in an international project called TC4PI (Teaching Competences for Plurilingual Integration) and as part of this project, 3rd level students have been working on a very interesting project in which they show … Continue reading

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Have a look to this great video done by students with Moovly. I really love it!!! The Industrial Revolution by 4º ESO students from lambretta on Vimeo.

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Would you do something to reduce E-Waste?

Watch this interesting video and answer the questions below: Match column A with the correct statement from column B What does the SR recycling company do? Is the E-Waste recycling industry dangerous?  Explain Explain how recycling fosters security Why do … Continue reading

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