News from Canada: tips to get a scholarship in Canada

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas break. I´m Paula, a former Emilio Ferrari student studying 1st Bachillerato in Nova Scotia, Canada thanks to one of Amancio Ortega´s scholarships.
A year ago, my English teacher told us about this wonderful opportunity. When I first heard of it, I thought it was something unreachable, but now, here I am! It´s been nearly four months since I came, and there´s not a single second I regret having applied for it! Last year, 200 scholarhips were given, 100 for Canada and 100 for USA. 6000 people applied for it. Crazy, isn´t it?
The students selection took two months, imagine two months of being nervous, hopeful and looking forward to hearing any news about it!
But finally that day came!! I can remember it like it was yesterday.
This year, a new edition of this scholarships has started. And if it wasn´t enough, this year scholarships have increased to… 500! 210 for Canada 210 for USA and 80 for students in Galicia (where Amancio Ortega is from).
The different stages you have to go through though, are the same. They look at your overall 3rd year ESO mark and English mark, your family income, you have to write an exam, and the last one is an interview.
 For those ones who are interested on this, I´ll tell you some tips to take into account!
You don´t need to go like crazy looking for another place to study English besides school, our high school has a great English program.
Don´t get obsessed with it, you don´t need to study for any of the exams, just study hard during high school, so you have a good mark to apply for it! The only thing you can do is getting used to American accent listening to different things, because there´s a listening part in the exam. And for the interview, choose a topic that you know about, don´t try to impress them talking about something that might sound very fancy but you don´t know about, you don´t want to show them your capacity to memorize something, you want to show them your fluency! And if you get lost during your presentation, it is much easier to find what to say if you are talking about something familiar to you.
From here I encourage you guys to work really hard, and try this once in a life time opportunity, it is a wonderful experience! It is hard some times, being 5000 km from your family and friends is not easy, but trust me, it´s amazing!!
I can´t forget to wish good luck to the candidates that applied for 2016-2017 scholarships, they´re already in the last stage, the interview, you are almost there!
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me, you can also check my blog, I´ll try to update it this Christmas, I don´t have much time here!
Best wishes from Antigonish!

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