Some students of 1ºESO have been to an English camp in Asturias for one week. It was an excellent and very funny way of learning English.  There we met children from Asturias, Cantabria and Madrid. Also all the monitors were native, some from the United Kingdom and other from different English Speaking countries. In this camp we  played games, practiced vocabulary, talked in English a lot  but also we ate a very  funny and nice food. We slept in bungalows. We will have a nice memory of this trip. I hope we will repeat it.


The Week Camp was incredible. In the morning and in the evening we had activities and free time. We did the activities with different monitors. They were crazy and very funny at the same time. They weren’t  Spanish so they spoke all the time in English. The activities consisted in sports, board games and trips, adventure activities,  One day we went to the beach, it was very cold but we swam in the sea. At night we had an activity like a disco or games. Next we had to sleep in our cabins. They were very good because they had different rooms. You could sleep with some of your friends and talk with them in a low voice. The week camp was the best week of my life and I want to repeat the next year.

Adrián González  1E


The week camp was fantastic. We went to Garaña de Pría ,a village of Asturias from the  25th until the 29th  of April . The place was like a camping site with a lot of cabins. In every cabin we were 7 students. The monitors were nice and funny. We went to a place called Bufones which are blow holes, and to a beach a beach called “Cuevas” which was fantastic. Every day we played some games and I learnt a lot of English.

Tomás Martín Wieringa  1 E

image003Here we are in “Los bufones de Pria”, very close to the camp

The week Camp has been the best experience of this year. Those five days we stayed at the camp in Garaña de Pría were amazing. Since the incredible activities and excursions to the funny monitors that were with us in all moments. The food was also very good even the chickpeas were delicious. We met a lot of new people from high schools all over Spain, such as the ones in Asturias or Madrid.

The excursions were very interesting like when we went to the Bufones de Pría and we learnt how they are formed and what they do, we also went to two beaches but only a few people went inside the water of sea. It was so cool !!!! The activities were fantastic, the best, for me, were the segways, the adventure park and the talent show. This last we win it our high school versus Madrid one. The five days passed very quickly, they were so short! The last day the monitors gave some mugs to the ones that have been the best during the five days, then we had to leave the camp, but, we didn’t want to come back!                                                                           

Marién del Río Infante  1F ESO

image004Here we are at the entrance of our cabin ( Marien, Laura B., Ainara, Julia, Lucía and me ). Pict. Alicia González, 1F ESO.

First of all, I’m going to describe what the place was like. There was a very big house where the teachers slept and some wooden cabins where we slept. There was also a large green field where we played different games and sports such as Lacrosse, Baseball, etc… and where we had our snack  in the afternoon. We played some vocabulary games like Trivial, Scrabble, Scattergories and many more. Before going to bed we also played night games. Other days we hiked to nice beaches and we saw beautiful blowholes. Finally, I have to express my opinion about the Week Camp. I consider it a great experience to learn English in an excellent environment with native and kind monitors. This activity should be done once a year in every school.

Marcos Martín  1B ESO

image005On our way to Cuevas Beach with our monitor Lewis
image006Cabin 19: Miguel Crespo, Javier, Pablo Cardeñoso , Roi , Diego, Marcos Riol and Pablo Ortego
image007Cabin 20 : Adrian, Pablo Maide ,Hugo Cartón ,Tomás, Hugo Vítores, Marcos Canas
image008Cabin 21: Diego, Alberto, Sergio, Axel, Isidro, Miguel and Marcos
image009Paula Lorenzo, Laura, Lucía , Maria, (At the back) Paula Ramos, Monica and Clara
image010Alba Calleja, Elisa , Anael , Lucía Olmos. At the back:  Paula López , Marta Bocos


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