OXFORD by Laura E and Marina Y

DAY ONE:  On the first day we travel in a bus from Valladolid to Madrid-Barajas airport, then we took a plane to London airport and finally we took another bus from London to Oxford. When we arrived to the school our host families were waiting for us and they took us to their home. They showed us the house and where we were going sleep.

DAY TWO:  The second day they were going to show us oxford, but as we were all scattered around in different houses. We had to make our way through Oxford, to the meeting point, that was Carfax Tower. A guide from the agency show us the most relevant places in Oxford, like the Oxford Library, some museums and Thames river were the oxford students practice boat racing .

DAY THREE: The third day we went to the Oxford Academy, at first hour the teacher there in charge of us took us in a tour through the school. It was really huge in comparison with this one. It had lots of football and basketball fields and a big rugby one. They had big laptops for students and each student had his or her own locker. In the music room they had a clavier and a violin for each student. And even the uniform was free. A curious thing is that although it was so big it had only half of the students in Ferrari. That day in the afternoon we were supposed to see Christ Church, but it was closed. So the activity was cancelled and we had free time in Oxford, so we went shopping.



DAY FOUR:  We had normal classes in the morning and in the afternoon we visited Christ Church, were some scenes of the film of Harry Potter were filmed.  Then we went ice skating, it was real fun and also most of the people fell at least once. Later we had dinner all together in a pizzahut, we ate until we were really full and we did not even finish all the pizzas, so we took some of them home.

DAY FIVE: On the fifth day after classes we did some sports with Andy our guide at school. But we did not took any photos.

DAY SIX: On sixth day we went to the Museum of natural history, in there we saw lots of fossils, dinosaurs… also visited the Museum of science history which was full of solar clocks, telescopes, compass and other useful instruments for the study of science.

DAY SEVEN: It was our last day of school so we had to say goodbye to our budys. It was the hardest part of our trip to Oxford. In the afternoon we were supposes to do a treasure hunt, but instead we went to see the Football stadium of the Oxford United FC, and the huge commercial centre that was built next to it.

DAY EIGHT: That Saturday we went to Stanford the city in which Shakespeare lived. We went to see a park with a lot of monuments dedicated to him and to his novel’s characters, the house in which he lived and the place in which he was buried. It took  us an hour more or less to see that and the rest of the afternoon 4 hours or so, we spent them in the McDonalds. For me it was the most boring day.

DAY NINE: The last day before our travel day to Spain, we went to London. It was really beautiful. In the morning we visited the British museum and then we visited other important places such as Trafalgar square, Convent Garden, the London Eye, the Big Ben… We spent all day going from one place to another, so we did not have free time, but it was worth it. I think London is incredibly awesome. The only thing that we did not have time to se was Buckingham Palace, what a pity.

DAY TEN: The last day arrived and we said goodbye to our host families and went to oxford to get the bus to go to London. We took the plane to Madrid, and a bus to Valladolid.

We were all so sad! We just could not believe we were leaving! We will miss it all and each other also a lot, because you believed or not those ten days made of us a big family.

Laura E and Marina Y

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