Video Conference with the JOIDES Resolution

During our Geology lessons, we have contacted with the scientific drilling ship JOIDES Resolution, used by the International Ocean Discovery Program, who was currently on an expedition in the South China Sea. On board, scientists from all around the world, travel the oceans obtaining cores from the sea floor to study the history of our planet, because, only by studying the past, we will be able to understand the present and predict the future. Their research will help us to understand plate tectonics, oceanography, climate change, the evolution of life on Earth, and so many more scientific issues.

They gave us the chance of touring the ship, visiting different laboratories and talking to the experts working on them, and then they explained to us their work there and answered all the questions we had. It has been a great experience, we have been able to discover real science in the middle of the Chinese Sea.

Here you are a video we prepared about the activity. Thanks to the JOIDES Resolution, and to all the scientists on board.


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1 Response to Video Conference with the JOIDES Resolution

  1. Teresa Fuente says:

    This was an incredible activity. Thanks to all of you who made it possible!!

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