Where and when was this?

Let’s begin a new challenge based on historical photographs!!!

Up to Thursday 30th April you could leave your comment identifying the moment in History this picture belongs to and as many details as you can about it.

Do you dare????



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Hands on : have you ever wondered what the difference between volume and capacity is?

Listen to 1 ESO students explaining it! They also wanted to investigate the equivalent units between volume and capacity by carrying out a small experiment in which they built two cubes of different volumes!




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Would you rather visit the tropical rainforest or the African savanna? (TC4PI)

The main goal of this project is to get to know the main biomes worldwide, their main characteristics and the relationship with climates and the importance of preserving biodiversity.

In this new cross-disciplinary  project (involving Geography, English and Science departments), students had to search information, think critically, work collaboratively, show rigorous learning, connect it to the world outside and communicate their findings effectively.

logo_tc4piIt is part of the work we are doing for the TC4PI (Teacher competences for plurilingual integration) project we are taken part in. This second term it was focused on learner autonomy in cross-disciplinary projects.

The final task was to  create an interactive image about terrestrial biomes and here you have some examples of our students’ work.

It’s said that an image is worth more than a million words, but in my opinion, these interactive images are also worth a lot!

Click all the pins on them to read, listen and watch !

TROPICAL RAINFOREST http://www.thinglink.com/scene/630801251583393792 (Marina & Clara)

SAVANNAH https://www.thinglink.com/scene/620345248052150272 (Laura & Rosa)

DECIDUOUS FORESTS https://www.thinglink.com/scene/623126691681665024 (Laura & Yordanos)

TUNDRA https://www.thinglink.com/scene/626461647162048513 (Ana & Marina)

TAIGA http://www.thinglink.com/scene/633642993802280961 (Sonia & Lucía)

MEDITERRANEAN FOREST https://www.thinglink.com/scene/629631220778532866 (Sara, María & Lidia)

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English and Science project

First level students at work!

Great models and good explanations!

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I don’t smoke. Do you? Drugs (Part 3)



When it comes to thinking about if you should start smoking or not, say simply NO!
If you are already  a smoker, this is a unique opportunity to quit!
There are so many wonderful ways to enjoy life to the full!

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Honk Kong vs the British Empire



New ways of approaching History!!!

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Alcohol. Drugs (Part 2)

This lesson was not aimed to be the typical ‘ alcohol talk’ teenagers expect to receive from parents and teachers. Instead, I just wanted to show you some biology facts related to comsumption of alcohol and encourage you to think for yourselves and make informed choices …

Thanks to Cristina, Sara and Elisa from 4º B for making this video to recall what we talked about in class.

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We have realised how important it is to take care of our world. To do this, we decided to make a few videos to pass some of the knowledge we have to you. Remember that there is only one fit to live in planet, so if we destroy it, we will go down with it!

Alba Blanco, Beatriz Escudero & Marina García. 3ºA

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Drugs (Part I)

Drugs are substances that change how the body works. Some of them are useful to us like antibiotics and analgesics. Others, however, are abused and can cause severe harm to our body.

In this first post, 4º ESO students show us how antibiotics work and the importance of using them  properly.




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Invertebrates poetry

Integrating literacy into science plus creativity!

Well done, first level students!


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