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Another life, another chance!

Travelling abroad is always a wonderful opportunity to get to know another culture, meet new people and of course one of the best ways to practice another language!

In the following collages make a guess to tell us where 3 and 4 level British and non-British students are! The more information you give us about the different places, the better!!!

Number 1

Number 2

Oh, well, no! We are not on holidays!
Don’t believe us? There’s a lot of hard work here! Look:

Number 3

But to find a balance between work and culture is easy here…

We have visited historical and architectural treasures…

Number 4

Number 5

There’s some mystery and magic here… 

Number 6

And of course… a must in this country!

Number 7

Number 8

Number 9

Number 10

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Brandermill Newsletter!

Nota libre_20150927_212151_01(1)

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Talent show

Our students wanted to say good bye to the European teachers showing them other aspects of the Spanish culture and more…

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Enjoying Poland and Spain with the five senses! (TC4PI)

It’s nearly the end of The TC4PI (Teacher Competences for Plurilingual Integration) project we have been working on during the last three years and along this week students and teachers at Ferrari High School have been so lucky to work with teachers from The Czech Republic,  Lithuania, Poland and Turkey. All of them wonderful!

We would like to thank all of them for their great work and for being so interested in sharing good practices with us.

Here you have just an example of what our activities have been like.


And here you can see the ppt we prepared to explain  the meaning of the different items to Alicja

And finally, our International team!

tc4piHasta siempre!

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An unforgettable trip to Washington DC!

IMG_20150917_125933In the train.

IMG-20150918-WA0001In front of the White House

IMG-20150918-WA0002IMG_20150917_181726The Washington monument, Lincoln memorial and the The Reflecting Pool.

IMG_20150917_190807Lincoln statue

IMG_20150917_165350The National museum of Natural History

IMG_20150917_193447Isabel La Católica statue

IMG_20150917_155308The United States Capitol at the background, which is under restoration.

IMG_20150917_182832And resting for a while, it has been a long day!

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It’s back to school time or time to fly to the States?

Hello everybody!

Summer holidays are coming to an end and we would like to welcome students and teachers to Emilio Ferrari High school!

And what a better way to show you what we do here than present our first activity in the Bilingual Program this year! An amazing trip to Richmond, Virginia.

15 students starting 4º ESO this year are travelling with their teachers from today to 29 September to hopefully have the times of their lives!

We will use the blog to show you what they are doing.

So far, look at their sad faces just before leaving Madrid in the airport!

intercambio USA

Happy flight!

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What an incredible journey!

Taking advantage of google earth pro (now free!!) and tour builder as main tools for promoting active learning, critical thinking, collaborative work and of course creativity, fouth level students want to take us on an incredible journey all around the Earth to discover wonderful places of geological interest in our planet.



Tour Builder is a new way to show people the places you’ve visited and the experiences you had along the way using Google Earth. It lets you pick the locations right on the map, add in photos, text, and video, and then share your creation.

Click here to see the incredible tour created by Ana, Alba, Nerea and Elisa : Tour builder

– Google earth is now even better! With the pro version you can set up a tour and  make a movie that follows the camera viewpoint to and from multiple locations. Then you can record the entire tour without interruption. Once you finish recording and have saved your movie file, you can make the file available on a web site, use it in a presentation, or send it via email.

See what Sara, Cristina and Alberto have done!

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Thank you Vincent!

Just a short break today to say good bye to our science language assistant and thank him for his work and enthusiasm!


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Alberto’s interview

Alberto Sombria, a former  student from our school ,  who has been doing his pre-service training for his master in Education in our school  this spring term , was interviewed by Angela Cruz, Teresa Nieto and Román Olmos from 2D. Learn about the life of an English Philology student in the last year of his formal educational period and his memories from his schooldays.

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