We have realised how important it is to take care of our world. To do this, we decided to make a few videos to pass some of the knowledge we have to you. Remember that there is only one fit to live in planet, so if we destroy it, we will go down with it!

Alba Blanco, Beatriz Escudero & Marina García. 3ºA

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Drugs (Part I)

Drugs are substances that change how the body works. Some of them are useful to us like antibiotics and analgesics. Others, however, are abused and can cause severe harm to our body.

In this first post, 4º ESO students show us how antibiotics work and the importance of using them  properly.




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Invertebrates poetry

Integrating literacy into science plus creativity!

Well done, first level students!


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Nota libre_20150201_220254_01Nota libre_20150201_220254_02Moldiv_1422825348737

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World climate zones

World climate zones

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The vital functions in animals

In this project, second level students were asked to investigate the vital functions of animals and present their findings in a written report, an audio and a video.

One of the groups worked with tablets and apps such as videopad, recforge lite, pages and imovie.

Click on the image to read and watch the magazine!

17-12-2014 23.12.44 1

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Getting to know the Spanish food (TC4PI)

You know that our school is taking part in an international project called TC4PI (Teaching Competences for Plurilingual Integration) and as part of this project, 3rd level students have been working on a very interesting project in which they show students from the other countries involved in the project (Lithuania, Polland, Turkey and The Czech Republic) what our cuisine is like. They do that by cooking different typical Spanish dishes and explain the nutritional value of each. 

Thanks to all our students and also to your families, who were so nice to help you with this!

We have edited all their videos in a digital magazine. Click on the image to go to it.

15-12-2014 20.12.48 1

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Have a look to this great video done by students with Moovly.

I really love it!!!

The Industrial Revolution by 4º ESO students from lambretta on Vimeo.

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Would you do something to reduce E-Waste?

Watch this interesting video and answer the questions below:

Match column A with the correct statement from column B


  1. What does the SR recycling company do?
  2. Is the E-Waste recycling industry dangerous?  Explain
  3. Explain how recycling fosters security
  4. Why do Koreans feel the need to buy new mobile phones?
  5. What are some solutions offered in the video to reduce E-Waste?
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From Olympia, Washington!

Nota libre_20141122_233040_01

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